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Our technologically advanced tunnel houses positively impact on important KPIs (Key Production Indices) through:

•    Improved Liveability Rates.
•    Improved Feed Conversion Ratios.
•    Producing healthier chickens through enhanced biosecurity and     

     environmental stability.

Tunnel Ventilation House Benefits

Animal Welfare:

The introduction of state of the art environmentally controlled tunnel houses by Arawak in the early 2000’s, has significantly improved the rearing conditions of our livestock. This contributes to our overall compliance with the International Animal Welfare standards.

Additionally, this technology helps align Arawak with International Best Practice for Animal Welfare via:

     • The ability to control temperature and humidity for greater bird comfort.
     • The birds are subject to significantly lower levels of dust and odours,   

        especially harmful gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide.
     • The continuous air flow and air exchange within the pen, allows for an     

        enhanced supply of oxygen


Our poultry farmers benefit from the implementation of this tunnel house technology, as they experience:

•    An increased number of batches per year due to a quicker turnaround time.
•    A greater production capacity.
•    Improved KPIs that enables their incomes to be positively 


Arawak and Company Limited is committed to an environmentally green program, and legal compliance with local legislation. In this regard, we are working with the Environmental Authority (EMA) to maintain full compliance with the wastewater and odour emissions standards of Trinidad and Tobago.

To this end, Arawak has committed resources and implemented a program that includes the following:

      •    Regular sampling of wastewater.
      •    Completion of a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant inclusive of a Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF) system, UV treatment                          and 
equalization tanks.
      •    Use of approved waste management company to collect solid and liquid waste daily.

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