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Arawak and Company Limited is a fully integrated Broiler Company, inclusive of a grain and feed mill, hatchery, broiler farms and two processing plants, with an annual production of over 20 million broiler chickens.

The origin of our name is derived from the Arawak Tribe, one of the original inhabitants of the Islands who Christopher Columbus met when he first arrived to our shores in 1498.

The Arawak Brand has been synonymous with the supply of the highest quality poultry products for over 50 years, since commencing operations in December 1963.

Today, Arawak is the largest producer of broiler chickens not only in Trinidad and Tobago but also in the wider Southern Caribbean Region.


Arawak sources only the highest quality grains, which are shipped from its Brunswick Georgia USA Facility on board an Arawak leased vessel.

On arrival in Trinidad the vessel docks at the port of Point Lisas, where the Grain is offloaded and then shuttled to the Feed Mill, located within the Port.

At the Feed Mill, the grain and other essential ingredients are scientifically formulated and blended to produce the high grade broiler feed required to be fed to Arawak Chickens.

This Feed is shipped by truck to our numerous corporate and contracted farms country wide.


Arawak sources Premium Broiler Hatching Eggs predominately from the USA, which are then shipped either via ocean or air freight to Trinidad and Tobago.

On arrival in Trinidad, the Broiler Hatching Eggs are sent directly to our state-of-the-art, bio-secure hatching facility located in the San Rafael District.

Every week at the Arawak Hatchery we set new batches of Broiler Hatching Eggs under the highest and most stringent environmental conditions, with the cycle from setting to hatch taking 21 days.

Within a few hours of hatching the Arawak Broiler Chicks will be on their way to one of our Farms.


The modern Arawak Farm employs cutting-edge technology with the use of environmentally-controlled Tunnel Ventilation Houses.

The very nature and design of these farms ensures a greater bio-secure environment, which enables Arawak to produce a cleaner, healthier bird than would be possible in the older open sided pens of yesteryear.

Arawak’s largest farming compounds have the capacity to house up to 340,000 birds per batch or in excess of 2M broiler chickens per annum.

In addition, as this type of farm has proven to be far more environmentally friendly than what existed before Arawak has committed to only use this technology in all of its new expansion initiatives.

It would be remiss of us to only sing the praises of the farm and its state of the art technology and then fail to recognise the critical and important role that our Technical Field Staff and our dedicated and loyal Farmers play in the production of chicken to the quality that merits to be called Arawak Chicken.

At maturity the chicken are shipped off to our processing facilities located at Santa Rosa and D’abadie.


Arawak has always prided itself on its ability to produce a wide range of chicken products to the highest international standards.

Today this has become even more critical to the continued success of Arawak recognising that we are part of a global village, which gives consumers the opportunity to travel to any number of international destinations where they can see and experience for themselves products produced in those countries.

For Arawak to keep ahead of the curve, we are continuously updating the equipment necessary to achieve this objective, while at the same time employing an ongoing upgrade of our staff and workers to meet the needs of a modern Processing Plant, utilizing both internal and external training options.

Arawak places the highest level of importance on Food Safety, and in this regard, we have implemented the most stringent and international best practice Quality Assurance Programs throughout our operation, which are subject to internal and external audits.

Arawak has developed its own internal Food Safety Audits protocols, which are subject to oversight by the local authorities from the Ministries of Health and Agriculture.

In addition, Arawak is routinely Audited by the major international brands to which it is an approved supplier, including KFC, Burger King, Popeye’s, Pizza Hut and Mc Donald’s.

Arawak and Company Ltd

Arawak and Company Ltd

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