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In nature a mother hen keeps her eggs under her warm embrace and watchful eye, gradually turning the eggs every so often and ever so gently. 

Similarly, our cutting-edge incubating equipment allows our eggs to experience this warmth while gently manipulating their position, all closely monitored by state-of-the-art equipment, replicating the natural hatching process.



Our Tunnel Houses are technologically designed to rear broilers in a temperature-controlled, evaporatively cooled, bio-secure environment. Additionally, we monitor and control environmental conditions, while feeding and nurturing them remotely using innovative state of the art technology.


In the early days, poultry processing, packaging and marination required a greater degree of manual intervention. 

However, the implementation of the latest technology in poultry processing, has transformed the way that we process, including,
     •    State-of-the-art metal detection systems, 
     •    Automated cutting lines processing 70 birds a minute, 
     •    Tray wrapping machines producing up to 40,000 wrapped             trays per day,
     •    Marinated chicken, produced on an automated line using sophisticated marination technology.

This entire process is monitored by well trained staff under the supervision of a highly skilled and motivated management team. Our Quality Assurance Department ensures that quality standards are met based on EU, HACCP, and the latest international requirements.

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